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Water Well Drilling Brentwood, CA

We are a full service water well drilling and pump repair company in Brentwood, CA. We have been drilling wells and servicing pumps in for over 15 years in the Brentwood, Contra Costa County area. Drilling a well in this fertile climate is almost mandatory to keep your landscaping and garden water costs down to a minimum.
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Brentwood began as a farming community in the late 19th century, and still is known throughout the Bay Area for its agricultural products, primarily its cherries, corn and peaches. Many of the old farms and orchards have been replaced by suburban developments since 1990. Brentwood is increasingly residential, with the rate of population growth in the triple digits during the 1990s and 69% from 2000 through 2005. This makes an ideal location for water wells.

Well drilling contractor in Brentwood 
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 Products and Services offered in Brentwood, CA:
  1. Well Drilling
  2. Well Pump Installation
  3. Pump Service
  4. Well Inspection
  5. Flow Testing
  6. Wells Bored
  7. Water Storage Tanks
  8. Septic Tanks
  9. Well Pumps
  10. Jet Pumps
  11. Booster Pumps
  12. Water Pump Repair
  13. Septic Tank Installation
  14. Water Control Systems
  15. Submersible Well Pumps
Water well pumps sales & service in Brentwood

Well Drilling Contractor in Brentwood, CA

As a local Well drilling contractor we have been drilling and boring wells for over 15 years in and around the Brentwood, CA Area and would like to offer you referrals from our last well drilling or pump repair. We continue to be one of the most respected and on time water well drilling maintenance companies in the Solano County area based on our record and experience repairing pumps and drilling water wells since Brentwood's farms depend on cheap water pumped from the ground.

Brentwood has a total area of 11.67 sq mi (30.2 km2), of which 11.64 sq mi (30.1 km2) is land and 0.01 sq mi (0.03 km2) or 0.1% is water. The landscape on the west is marked by rolling hills, native grasses, oak trees and fruit orchards, with a number of public golf courses. Most of which are irrigated by water wells that we have drilled.

Water well pumps sales & service in Brentwood, CA

We have had thousands of satisfied installations of our water well pumps and submersible pumps in Brentwood, CA. Our pumps have years of proven reliability featuring the best sand-handling, and abrasion resistance. We carry all the necessary pumps and pump parts for any water well applications you might encounter. Please give us a call at (925) 679-5952 so we can show you how to get water from drilling on your property. Water storage tanks & pump repair in Brentwood ca

As of the 2010 census, there were 51,300 residents. The population density was 2,001.2/sqmi (774/sqkm). There were 7,788 housing units at an average density of 668.8/sqmi (259/sqkm).

Agriculture remains important to the local economy, but has declined in relative importance as the city has become more suburban. There is no heavy industry and only a small light industry area in the northeastern part of the city. Brentwood underwent a severe economic boom from 2000 through 2008. Population expanded from 23,302 in 2000 to about 48,000 in 2006, a higher growth rate than other communities in the Bay Area. The boom stalled in 2009, paralleling the economic crisis that affected all of California. This makes getting cheap water all the more critical from a self sustaining standpoint.

Water storage tanks & pump repair in Brentwood

Water storage tanks in Brentwood

You can trust Water Well Drilling & Pump Service located in Brentwood to be your best provider of water storage tanks. Choosing the right tank is critical because of Brentwood's sandy and unstable ground.

  Water Well Inspection & Testing in Brentwood ca
Brentwood has more water tanks than any city in the east bay. The reason is more families have gardens and large areas of landscaping they need water for year around.

Water Septic Tanks & Systems Installation & Repair in Brentwood

In the city of Brentwood a septic tank generally consists of a tank (or sometimes more than one tank) of between 4000 - 7500 litres (1,000 and 2,000 gallons) in size connected to an inlet wastewater pipe at one end and a septic drain field at the other. These pipe connections are generally made via a T pipe which allows liquid entry and exit without disturbing any crust on the surface.

Today the design of the tank usually incorporates two chambers (each of which is equipped with a manhole cover) which are separated by means of a dividing wall which has openings located about midway between the floor and roof of the tank. We offer complete septic tank installation service in the Brentwood area. We specialize in septic systems to help comply with local Brentwood, CA ordinances.

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A properly designed and normally operating septic system in Brentwood is odor free and, besides periodic inspection and pumping of the septic tank, should last for decades with no maintenance.

Generally in the Brentwood area a well designed and maintained concrete, fibreglass or plastic tank should last about 50 years. This is sufficient when deciding to install a water system in Brentwood's dry sandy climate.

 Septic Tanks & Systems Installation & Repair in Brentwood ca

Water Well Drilling & Pump Service Location in Brentwood, CA

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Latitude 37.935374 ° N 37 ° 56' 7.3"
37 ° 56.1224' (degree m.mmmm)

Longitude -121.700505 ° W 121 ° 42' 1.8" -121 ° 42.0303' (degree m.mmmm)

 Well drilling contractor Brentwood

Water Well Drilling & Pump Service is located in Contra Costa County in Brentwood, CA. Located between Central Ave. and Balfour Rd.

Nearest cities: East Contra Costa, CA (1.2 miles ), Knightsen, CA (1.8 miles ), Oakley, CA (2.0 miles ), Byron, CA (2.4 miles ), Discovery Bay, CA (2.4 miles ), Antioch, CA (2.5 miles ), Bethel Island, CA (2.7 miles ), Tassajara, CA (3.0 miles ).

Water Well Drilling & Pump Service services Brentwood's growing community providing local well drilling and pump repair and replacement. Below are some important information regarding drinking water stations.

Drinking water stations with addresses in Brentwood and their reported violations in the past:

CRUISER HAVEN MARINA (Population served: 75, Groundwater):

Past health violations:

* MCL, Monthly (TCR) - In OCT-2003, Contaminant: Coliform

Past monitoring violations:

* 2 routine major monitoring violations

LINDQUIST LANDING MARINA (Population served: 30, Groundwater):

Past monitoring violations:

* Monitoring, Check/Repeat/Confirmation - In NOV-1996, Contaminant: Nitrate. Follow-up actions: St Formal NOV issued (NOV-11-1996)

Drinking water stations with addresses in Brentwood that have no violations reported:

* LONE TREE MEDICAL & DENTAL (Population served: 45, Primary Water Source Type: Groundwater)